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Safetron is a leading CCTV & security system provider in malaysia. We strive to offer a complete solution from end user for CCTV and security system. we are more than happy to guide end user select the best solution that can fit their requirement and budget.

Safetron mainly focus on HIKVISION CCTV MALAYSIA surveillance & Jantech or Vigilance Door Access control system. our sales team carefully select the right products to solve end user needs.

Over the last 5 years, safetron has accumulated a wealth of technical experiences & knowledge. We are professional specialist in CCTV security system industry— You can definitely put your confidence in our expertise.

Why install security check so important for businesses & personal?

It is important to know more with deeply understand that security check like CCTV Installation, Door access system and burglar alarm system is a must for businesses these days. Business owners use Hikvision CCTV Malaysia, Jantech door access control system & burglar alarm system to keep an eye on the daily activities that take place within the premises and in surrounding areas. Also, all employees, visitors, and customers are kept under keen observation. Security Hikvision CCTV Malaysia camera have actually made life multiple times easier for all business owners. This is the most cautious way of keeping an eye on all activities to ensure security for your business. Hikvision CCTV Malaysia camera are actually a very intelligent use of technology that ensures that all business run efficiently without any hassle.

Safetron Technology design and install Hikvision CCTV Malaysia system to meet a huge range of requirements, with clients ranging from home use to large scale commercial and industrial who may need more complex CCTV surveillance system. Having a professionally installed Hikvision CCTV Malaysia surveillance system is one of the most cost-effective means of providing deterrents to prevent burglars, theft and stock loss, and vandalism.

Safetron Technology will always carry out an assessment of your home or business first and discuss your requirements, before recommending the most suitable security options for you and your property.

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