Office Keyphone System


Improving Work Efficiency with Different Styles of Communication with PBX phone system & Keyphone system

In small businesses or large homes, people would install key phone systems if they need the phone with ability to access more than two lines directly.

Keyphone system is often the initial option for small and medium size business company as it is small and easier to maintain than complex systems. The price of getting keyphone system is cheaper than other phone system. You just need to pick up the receiver and press a button to make a call. If the phone line is in use, the buttons will then lights up. Although keyphone system are not customizable compared to PBX system, but it provides features those traditional phones don’t have, such as hold buttons, speakerphone, paging, intercom, memory dialing, timers and long-distance restriction capabilities. You can also call extensions within your office with a key phone.

Another system available for your office is PBX system. PBX system allows you to connect the phones within a company to another and connects to public switched telephone network. PBX phone system function like a mini phone call centre. PBX phone system is a private telephone network where employees share a limited phone lines to receive call from outside.


Advanced hybrid PBX System

Brand: Panasonic Keyphone
Model No: KX-TES824

LCD Phone System

Brand: Panasonic Keyphone
Model No: KX-T7730

Door Phone System

Brand: Panasonic Keyphone
Model No: XXX